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Is my child ready for contacts?

      There are several important factors in determining if a child is ready for contacts. First, contacts are medical devices worn on the eyes; therefore, the child must maintain and handle the lenses appropriately. If a dirty contact is worn the risk for an eye infection increases dramatically. Some infections can permanently damage vision. Daily disposable contacts are often the best choice because the child will never wear a dirty contact as long as they thoroughly wash their hands and dispose of the used contacts every day. Second, the child must  be motivated to wear contacts otherwise he or she will not be willing to take the time to practice putting them in taking them out. Lastly, a child should have a high enough prescription to warrant wearing the contacts full-time. Part-time wear of contact lenses is often not practical since the child would need to take them out midday often without access to clean water to wash their hands.

      There are several good reasons for a child to prefer contact lenses over glasses including: many sports activities, personal appearance, disliking glasses for various reasons, wanting to wear non-prescription sunglasses, among others. Ask your eye doctor if your child is a good candidate for contact lenses and they will be happy to discuss the matter with you in more detail.