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What all contact lens wearers should know

Contact lenses are an excellent vision correction option especially for people who don't like to wear glasses for all occasions;  however, contacts are medical devices worn on the eyes and they must be treated as such. If you ever notice any unusual redness, irritation, blurriness, or discharge from your eye you should take out your contacts immediately. If your eye doesn't get better within a few hours call our office. You may need some antibiotic drops to clear it up. Water is bad for contacts because it will cause soft lenses to stretch which will make the contacts uncomfortable, blurry and put you at a much higher risk for eye infections. Water can contaminate rigid contacts so only use approved contact lens solutions. It is important to wash your hands every time you touch your contact lenses. You should use soap and water and scrub your fingertips thoroughly and then rinse off the soap to be sure not to irritate your eyes. Be sure to replace your contact lenses as prescribed. The FDA approves contact lenses for a certain replacement cycle due to the fact that contact lens materials will bind to proteins from your tears at different rates. Therefore, a monthly contact lens will typically deposit less quickly than a lens that is meant to be replaced every week or two weeks. If you overwear your contact lenses your eyes will typically start getting red and irritated and people will notice. If you are careful with your contact lenses and clean them properly with correct solutions and replace them as prescribed and don't over wear them you can you can enjoy a lifetime of comfortable contact lens wear. For other eye tips please see our website. Thank you.