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Contact Lens Exams and Fitting

Due to advances in technology most people can now wear contact lenses. There is new contact lens technology for people with astigmatism, for people who wear bifocals, and for people with both vision problems. We offer an array of contacts including soft disposable lenses and rigid gas permeables. Now that daily disposable contact lenses are available in most prescriptions they are advisable for most patients. Daily disposables reduce your risk for eye infections, allergies, discomfort and dryness because you are wearing a fresh new lens every day. The price of daily disposables is now comparable to the price of reusable lenses especially since you don’t need to purchase any solutions and our office has almost unbelievable rebates. It just makes sense for most people to make the switch.

Schedule an appointment with one of our contact lens specialists and we will be happy to make sure to fit you with comfortable contacts that give you great vision. Also, we are a green office. We can recycle all used contact lenses, and the contact lens foil wrappers. Just save them in a plastic bag, bring them to our office and we will send them to B & L to recycle.



What is the lens that everyone seems to want?

The Biotrue Daily lenses! With the $210.00 Mail in rebate, these dailies come with a great price!


bio true OneDay 90