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Dry Eye Management

Dry Eye Syndrome can be caused by low tear production and or poor tear quality. Dry eyes can cause your eyes to be red, blurry, dry and feel like they are burning and irritated.

Home Remedies

One problem many people have is that their eyes dry more while on a computer for long hours. While you are on a screen people tend not to blink hard enough to pump out normal tears. A simple technique called the 20-20-20 rule can be helpful to minimize your symptoms. The 20-20-20 rule is all about giving your eyes a break! When working on a computer or digital device take a break every 20 minutes, by looking 20 feet away for about 20 seconds and blink forcefully several times. This will remoisten your eyes and keep you more comfortable.

Professional Treatments:

Possible professional treatments include: lubricant eye drops, professional moist heat, tear gland expression, eye lid debridement, punctal plugs, eyelid sprays, and prescription eye drops.

Our doctors will evaluate your condition and prescribe the proper treatment plan to relieve your symptoms. Schedule an appointment today. We will be happy to help!

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We can also insert Punctal Plugs to help alleviate dry eye. Here is a good article explaining the plugs.