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Eye Exams and Eye Care Services in State College

Advanced Eye Care Services provides a complete selection of eye care services to individuals of all ages, from pediatric to elderly eye care in State College.

We offer emergency eye care services in State College, PA should you need it.

Get in touch with our practice right away if you’re having any uncomfortable symptoms or vision changes.

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Welcome to our Family at Advanced Eye Care Services

We provide professional, high-quality eye care services and products with your best interests in mind. Our team listens carefully to your needs to find the perfect solution to enhance your vision and comfort. We're dedicated to being lifelong companions and custodians of your sight. We are ready to look after all of your eye care needs in one location.

Our Eye Care Services:

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We use advanced technology for our comprehensive eye exams that will determine your prescription and detect early signs of eye disease. Detecting abnormalities before symptoms appear is crucial for maintaining healthy eyes and clear eyesight throughout your lifetime. The AOA recommends that everyone receive a complete eye exam every one to two years, based on age, risk factors, and overall health.

Visual Field Testing

Our practice offers Visual Field Testing, a painless test that measures how much side vision you have. Each eye is tested separately, and the entire test takes 2-10 minutes. The test is carried out by a computerized instrument called a Matrix Visual Field Analyzer.

Pediatric Eye Exams

At Advanced Eye Care Services, we specialize in pediatric eye exams. Your baby’s visual system develops during the first few months of life, as they learn to focus, move their eyes, and use them together. These skills form the foundation for important motor development milestones like crawling, walking, and hand-eye coordination. Monitor your baby’s development and schedule a comprehensive infant eye exam at 6 months to give them the best start in life.

Myopia Management

We can help manage myopia and reduce your child’s risk of future eye diseases, like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal detachment. Our skilled optometrists offer treatments to slow down or stop myopia progression to keep your child’s vision healthy in the long run.

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Cataract Surgery

Cataracts, a common eye disorder, result in clouding of the lens, causing blurred vision. During cataract surgery, the natural lens is removed and replaced with a synthetic lens to restore transparency. Advanced Eye Care Services offers pre and post-operative co-management services for cataract surgery.

Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma tests check for increased eye pressure, a key symptom of the disease. But keep in mind that only a comprehensive eye exam can confirm a glaucoma diagnosis. One test is called a tonometer which gently touches the eye. However, a detailed examination of the retina and optic nerve is needed to truly diagnose glaucoma. Regular eye exams are essential to catch the disease early.

Macular Degeneration Treatment

We offer treatment options for macular degeneration to slow down the progression of the disease or improve vision. For dry macular degeneration, we provide routine eye exams and prescribe high-dose zinc and antioxidants. For wet macular degeneration, options include laser surgery, light-activated dyes, and injectable medications. Our caring optometrists will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your needs.

Low Vision

Low vision can make daily tasks like reading and driving very difficult, often leading to frustration and even depression. Our practice is dedicated to helping visually impaired individuals get the most out of their remaining sight. Our optometrists can also evaluate the degree and type of vision loss you have and prescribe low vision aids to help you continue living independently.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome can lead to corneal damage if left untreated. At Advanced Eye Care Services, we offer relief from your dry eye symptoms by developing a custom treatment plan to address the root cause of the issue.

Computer Vision Care

At our practice, we understand the impact of digital devices on your eyes. We offer solutions to relieve eye fatigue, dryness, blurriness, and other visual symptoms associated with computer use. We have a selection of blue light-filtering lenses to reduce visual symptoms. Schedule an appointment today for personalized computer vision care.

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Eye Irritation Treatments

Are you struggling with red, sore, or itchy eyes? At our practice, we provide a wide range of treatments for various eye conditions, including pink eye, itchy eyes, foreign body removal, eye allergies, and burns. With our expertise and advanced techniques, we can effectively and conveniently treat your whole family. You’ll receive personalized care and attention at an affordable cost.

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We offer Latisse™, a treatment that can enhance the length and appearance of your eyelashes. This revolutionary eyelash treatment is believed to grow lashes by increasing the length and number of lashes in the growth phase. As a daily solution applied to the base of your upper lashes, full results can be seen after 16 weeks.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a popular and effective refractive surgery option. It uses a laser to reshape the cornea, which can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. At Advanced Eye Care Services, we offer preoperative evaluation and post-operative care to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Refractive Surgery Co-Management

Our optometrists can evaluate your eyes to see if you're a suitable candidate for LASIK, PRK, or Cataract Refractive Technology. We offer pre-operative evaluations that include counseling on refractive surgery options, eye history and medical evaluations, and current refraction status. If the decision is made to proceed with surgery, our doctors will provide post-operative management. Additional needs like reading glasses or enhancement laser procedures can also be evaluated.

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

Our contact lens specialists use advanced technology to fit you with comfortable contact lenses that provide excellent vision. We offer a wide range of options, including contacts for astigmatism and bifocals. We often recommend daily disposable lenses for their convenience and reduced risk of eye infections.

Sports and Specialty Eyewear Fitting

Our practice offers a sports and specialty eyewear fitting service to help you enhance your performance and protect your eyes while engaging in sports or specialized activities. Our optometrists will assess your visual acuity and other visual functions to recommend personalized eyewear solutions that fit your specific needs.

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Meeting Your Eye Health Needs with Current Technology

Advanced Eye Care Services uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible. Here are some of the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit.

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Our Technology


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