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Penn State Employees Vision Insurance

Patients who are 19 years old and under are eligible for an eye exam and a contact lens exam every year and contacts or spectacle lenses every year. They are eligible for frames every other calendar year.

Patients who are over 19 years old they are eligible for an eye exam every calendar year. They are eligible for a contact lens exam and frame every other calendar year. Also, they are eligible for spectacle lenses or contact lenses every other calendar year.

We like to help patients get relief from:

  • Computer Vision Problems
  • Eye Strain
  • Vision Related Headaches
  • Blurry Vision

We also like to:

  • Help patients choose glasses that improve their face value
  • Fit contact lenses to help patients see clearly and comfortably

To request an appointment, call us at 814-231-3937 or click here.

Click on this link to the Davis Vision website to check your eligibility.